Revival Korvai Silk saree:

The yellow traditional silk saree is a different form of korvai woven in "THIRUBUVANAM" from our looms. This saree is most traditional.weave with different form of korvai  

What is Korvai:

Korvai is process of joining the border with body. Korvai is usually used to create a colour contrast in your sarees. incase the saree is a single side korvai the weaver uses 2 shuttle technique, one shuttle for the border and one for the body

Saree has 2 side border:

The saree has 2 side border then we use 3 shuttle technique to create the contrast between border and body. The borders are woven through 2 shuttles for either sides. By using different colour threads we can also create ganga jamuna effect

Korvai used in this particular saree:

This saree is woven using 2 shuttle technique, the body is yellow and blue shuttle is used to create patterns in lower half of the saree. The picture shows the saree in loom. 



Chithra Kailasam